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Topics: Want, Diving, Tennis Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Name : Nguyen Cong Duy
Class : AE2a
A Happy Campus
A happy campus is an interesting and happy place to study and relax. People feel comfortable when they come here. A happy city is well-designed and there are many good facilities. There are also many places for education environment. Many people come from over the world. People in a happy campus want to create a active environment. Although they may come from difference backgrounds, they are able to respect each other and share ideas. They can enjoy influences from other cultures such as different languages, and take part in multicultural events.

There are many good facilities in a happy campus. Campus has a big space with sports facilities such as: four artificial football field, one swimming pool, one badminton field, one basketball court, one tennis court and gyms, and campus has green trees and friendly environment which students can take a rest and play team sports to relax after stressed study hours. Some good equipment in happy campus need to study such as: computer library, projectors, television, sports facilities and a lot of books which are good for students with their free time. A happy campus need to have a good education environment. There are many clubs for students to join such as commerce, English, finance and marketing clubs in their free time. In addition, students can study group in free time and take part in outside activities such as: playing team sports, going swimming and playing active games together which were created by students.
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