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So how will you know if you are on the right dose of hCG? How should you feel exactly? These are good questions, especially if this is your first time trying the hCG Diet because you're not quite sure what to expect (kind of like wondering what it's like to give birth to a baby when you're pregnant for the first time!) Why does the dosing of hCG matter? DOSE MATTERS. Should I print up some shirts for us hCGers? I can't reiterate the importance of this enough. Reasons having the right dose for your personally while on hCG: 1. First of all, if you are hungry on the hCG Diet, it will be totally intolerable and you will give up. It's totally miserable to be hungry all the time and not sustainable. Not to mention you will probably run your family members out of the house because you'll be so grumpy. 2. Secondly, and more importantly, having no hunger on hCG is a good indicator that your body really is using your stored fat for fuel. Experiencing excessive hunger then would indicate the opposite. It is possible that being on too high or too low a dose of hCG that causes you hunger will cause your body to hold on to fat instead. This could cause you to not lose weight at all, or to lose muscle. I don't think I have to say this not what you want while eating only 500 calories each day! I have seen far too many people not address hunger issues soon enough- if you are abnormally hungry, please check into the possible causes right away so you can get the best results for your time on the hCG Diet. How Should I Feel on the hCG Diet as Regards Hunger? Let's talk about it in a nutshell first, then we'll expand on the topic in a little more detail. In a nutshell: Aside from the first few days of the diet (we'll talk about those in a minute), for the majority of the time you are on the VLCD (very low calorie days) of the hCG Diet, you should not be hungry most of the day. However, at mealtimes, times like noon and 6pm, it's normal to be hungry to need to eat the designated hCG meals. That's why we do eat that small amount of 500 calories. You are going to feel the need to eat something, so it is normal to be hungry at those times. So just because you do get hungry a couple times during the day, if it's time to eat your meal, that's fine, that doesn't mean that you are on the wrong dose. The key here is that when you do get hungry and then eat your small meal of 200-250 calories, when you complete eating it you should then be satisfied and no longer hungry for several hours afterwards. You're not going to feel “full”, but you should be no longer hungry. You may consistently have an “empty” feeling in your stomach that you are not used to, especially if you're used to eating to the point that you are really “full.” Remember, there is very little actual food in your stomach, so an “empty” feeling is normal. This is different than actual hunger.

So in general how you should feel on the right dose of hCG: Most of the day not hungry, hungry at mealtimes, even more hungry if you wait too long to eat one of your meals, but then once you eat your meal you should be satisifed and no longer hungry for several hours afterwards. For those with blood sugar issues you may find that you need to eat a little something in the mornings. Many though will not need to eat anything until lunchtime. The first few days of the VLCD of hCG: The first few days that you are on the low calorie portion of the hCG Diet require it's own explanation, because during these first few days it is normal to experience a little more obvious hunger than you will experience for the majority of the diet. It can be a little harder those first few days to tell if you are on the right dose of hCG, because even if you are on the right dose, you may feel hungry. Reasons for hunger the first few days on the hCG diet:

When you start the loading phase for the hCG Diet, the majority of people load the traditional way- that is to load up on any and all foods- this means the foods will...
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