Lean on Me

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Ashley Martinez
School Health
Lean On Me Movie Exam

1. Describe the character of Mr. Clark.

As we watched the movie Lean on Me I realized that the principle of Eastside High Mr. Clark had a very intense character but firm and secure at the same time. This guy knew exactly what he was doing and he was very passionate about what he did. The first seen in the movie is a classroom, a classroom full of the majority white students and Mr. Clark a black teacher. The students where dressed very adequately with shirt and tie girls in skirts. This to me meant he had his classroom under control. The students respected him. When Mr. Clark’s colleague called him for that emergency board meeting Mr. Clark’s demeanor changed completely and when he got to the board meeting it got worse. He became angry like he didn’t care what anyone else thought and for that the transferred him to a different school. When he came back to be principle at Eastside at first he was in shock but as soon as he walked in to talk to all the administrators and teachers he was really mean. In my personal opinion he needed to be mean but in a good way, firm and intense because if not the teachers and administrator would not take him seriously. I liked that in some parts of the movie he had an edgy and risky attitude and that’s what Eastside needed for a revival.

2. Compare the situation Eastside before, after Mr. Clark left and when Mr. Clark returned.

Before| After| After|
Clean | Dirty| Clean|
Secure| Unsecure (violence, drugs, abuse etc.)| Secure- (minus violence, drugs, abuse etc.)| Well - organized| No organization- it looked nothing like a school.| Strongly organized, structured| Healthy learning environment| No learning – looked like a zoo.| Once again a healthy learning environment|

3. Describe the types of students that there was at Eastside when Mr. Clark becomes principle.

In the movie when Mr. Clark returns to Eastside the student were, in one...
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