Lean Manufacturing

Topics: Lean manufacturing, Manufacturing, Toyota Production System Pages: 19 (5395 words) Published: January 29, 2012
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Lean Manufacturing

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Table of Content

1.1Jabil Vision
1.2Jabil Mission
2. History of lean manufacturing
1. What is lean manufacturing
2. Primary elements for lean manufacturing
3. Issues in lean manufacturing
3. 7 types of waste
1. Overproduction.
2. Waiting
3. Transporting
4. Inappropriate Processing
5. Unnecessary Inventory
6. Unnecessary / Excess Motion
7. Defects
8. Underutilization of Employees
4. Jabil challenges on the 7 waste
5. Jabil Production Plan
1. Jabil China Plant Process
2. Strategic Capacity Planning
3. Jabil Lean Production
4. Jabil’s Supply Chain
6. Jabil lean manufacturing tools and equipment
1. Standard Work
2. Visual Management
3. The 5’S
4. Preventive Maintenance
5. Total Productive Maintenance
6. Change Over/Setup time
7. Production Layout and point of use storage
8. Kanban System
9. Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
7. Recommendation for Improvement
8. Conclusion
9. References


Jabil Circuit, Inc. provides electronic manufacturing services and solutions worldwide. The company provides electronics design, production, product management, and aftermarket services to companies in the aerospace, automotive, computing, consumer, defense, industrial, instrumentation, medical, networking, peripherals, solar, storage, and telecommunications industries. Jabil Circuit offers its customers electronics design, production, product management, and aftermarket solutions that are responsive to their manufacturing needs. Its business units are capable of providing its customers with varying combinations of the following services: integrated design and engineering, component selection, sourcing and procurement, automated assembly, design and implementation of product testing, parallel global production, enclosure services, systems assembly, direct order fulfillment and configure to order, and aftermarket services. Jabil Circuit conducts its operations in facilities that are located in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, England, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, Taiwan, Ukraine, the U.S., and Vietnam. Jabil Circuit manages its business and operations in three divisions: Consumer, Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), and Aftermarket Services (AMS). The Consumer Division focuses on cell phones and mobile products, televisions, set-top boxes, and peripheral products, such as printers. The EMS Division focuses on business sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, computing, defense, industrial instrumentation, medical, networking, solar, storage, and telecommunications businesses. The AMS Division provides warranty and repair services to customers in a range of industries, including certain of its manufacturing customers. Services Design Services Jabil Circuit offers a spectrum of value-add design services for products that it manufactures for its customers. It offers the following design services: ❖ Electronic Design: Jabil Circuit’s electronic design team provides electronic circuit design services, including application-specific integrated circuit design and firmware development. These services have been used to develop various circuit designs for cellular telephone accessories, notebook and personal computers, servers, radio frequency products, video set-top boxes, optical communications products, personal digital assistants, communication broadband products, and automotive and...
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