Lean Manufacturing

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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lean manufacturing of air bus


How to stock, prepare and distribute in the most efficient way?

Master Thesis

At Lunds Tekniska Hgskola

Master Thesis:

Author: Florent Texier

Tutors: Stig-Arne Mattson

Department of Industrial Management and Logistics

Eduardo Dominguez-Puerta



This Master Thesis has been performed at Airbus S.A.S as the last part of my Master of Science in Engineering at Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden. The Thesis has been carried out in collaboration with the Department of Industrial Management and Logistics at Lund Institute of Technology and within the Power8 Supply Chain & Logistics team, Airbus Central Entity, Toulouse.

I would like to start by thanking Claude Bitouzet for having accepted me as a trainee within Airbus. Furthermore I would like to thank particularly Eduardo Dominguez Puerta, my supervisor all along this internship, for its help and the time he spent explaining and helping me. I appreciated especially the working atmosphere within the team managed by Stephane Mirc, making the project even more enjoyable. I also want to give a special thank to Stig-Arne Mattson for feedbacks and help during this thesis. Finally I would like to express gratitude to all the personnel at Airbus for their contribution by taking time for answering questions.

Finally thanks to Axel Graffin without who I could not have get this valuable opportunity, Ewelina Kotwa, Julija Vlasova and Yoann Tastu for their support when finalizing this work.


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