League Gender and Culture Essay

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League, Gender, Culture Essay
People think about another group without knowing how they are, they think that they do something or practices something but they don’t even know how they are, they don’t now what they don’t even socialize with what is the reason of this? They only criticize people by who they look or by what group they come, in my experience I see adult talk bad about teenanger by the action they do but not all of them are the same. People in society think another group’s are different and they never get along they don’t even socialize between them they think they are different hat they are superior or that they are powerless in the article of Kingston talks about how migrant girl and his family from china moved to the united states And she thinks that they do someway in china that in the United States when she went to the drug store and get medication she reclaims “my mother said you have to give us candy. She said that is the way the Chinese do it”. She thinks that she can still do that in the new culture they came they need to get adapted to the new culture and fallow the new rules because china and the US in very different and they cant do whatever they want they need to adapt to new place they are now. People in society think that they are superior and they can criticize everyone Rajesh Settee gives us 7 reasons why people criticize other one that caught my attention is “I am just being realistic” or “I am just being honest” (Settee) what he is trying to say is that people think they are surperior and smarter then other because of their culture or because of the family they come from or race I know people like that they think like that because they are rich and have better stuff than others and they show off them new Stuff or better version than others one and I hate those kinds of people and a lot people Think the same; therefore, those kind destroys hope of others make them feel less and hide of society like on Kingston essay she...
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