Leads to the French Revolution

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Henry VIII of England, Christianity Pages: 3 (1053 words) Published: October 27, 2010
Bethanne Wilson
Mr. Siatta
15 October 2009

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The events of the French Revolution are the direct result of the past. The defining events of the Protestant Reformation, the rise of Absolutism, and the Enlightenment fed the fuel for the French Revolution.

With the exploration of new places and new countries and the discovery of so many new things led to a new invention. This invention was the printing press. The people traveling and discovering these new lands wanted to share and help spread of the explorations and this new invention let them do so. However, they did not realize is that the printing press would lead to greater things. The printing press led to the disintegration of Christianity under the Protestant Reformation. The Protestant Reformation began once a German Monk named Martin Luther openly criticized dishonest church activities. In 1517 he produced pamphlets, books, and other literature to help spread his thoughts and messages. The Protestant Reformation was basically the start a whole new way of thinking. It challenged what was previously thought was the righteous way to live. The Protestant Reformation caused great religious divisions between the Protestants and the Catholics within the German states and a short time later spread on to many other countries including France and England. Soon confrontations took place and brought on a threat to the stability of the monarchy. “Divisions between the Catholics and Protestants would shape the course of European history for several generations,” (Hunt). The Protestant Reformation led way to a new church. King Henry VIII did not agree with the Reformation. Therefore Henry established the Anglican Church in England. This was his version of the Reformation. He wanted his marriage and child recognized and did so by establishing his own church. In 1547 King Henry died but the royal supremacy within religious dealings was secured. The Reformation brought on a reshaping...
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