Leading the Way to Reform: Reflection on Leadership

Topics: Leadership, Education, Management Pages: 6 (1872 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Learner: Charity Mason

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Leading the way to reform: Reflection on leadership
"The manager asks how and when; the leader asks what and why." - Warren Bennis

Reform, modification, restructuring. These are all terms spoken in every school every year. New ideas are explored, new methodologies, technologies and techniques are all implemented to improve the American education system. Leadership is merely one facet of the gem called education. This paper will explore the similarities of leadership, management and administration. It will also discuss how classroom management is essential to effective leadership and how introduction of new reforms and standards have changed the expectations for teachers and school leaders. Definitions

When one thinks of the term leader, presidents or important heads of state come to mind, but leaders are found at every level of organization from the playground game to education to the corporate world; the differences are linguistic. In politics people who govern actions are considered leaders, in business they are called managers and in education they are referred to as administrators, but no matter the terminology utilized, they are people who are responsible for overseeing tasks (Brennen, 2012, par. 1). This is not to say that leadership management and administration are all the same, because they are not; in fact each title comes with its on subtle distinction. An administrator’s role is to carry out the process of coordinating others to accomplish school goals (Brennen, 2012, par. 1). A manager’s role is also to coordinate the functions of an organization such as a school. A leader’s role is to direct and control situations through authoritative, yet charismatic decision making skills. Managers and administrators coordinate and direct people to accomplish tasks, whereas leaders are the type of individual that others want to do what they say (Brennen, 2012, par. 2). Management consists of using resources already established; whereas leadership involves actively making changes to improve situations rather than using what is already in place (Kowalski, Lasley, Mahoney, 2008, p.8). Administrators must contain some aspects of both managers and leaders; they must assume the role of managers utilizing resources in the most efficient and effective manner and as leaders, they must ensure the best environment for student learning is established and maintained as well as participate in creating school goals (Kowalski, Lasley, Mahoney, 2008, p.9). Classroom management

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