Leading Groups in Criminal Justice

Topics: Criminal justice, Crime, Law Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Challenges of leading groups in criminal justice organization Veronika L. Fisher
University of Phoenix

There are many challenges that affect the criminal justice system. These challenges are constantly changing due to both demands inside and outside of the system. These demands pose even more challenges to an already pressured criminal justice system. As society and its members change, it is important for criminal justice organizations to keep up with these changes. In doing so, professionals in these organizations should carry out their duties without prejudices and malice towards members of society and different cultures. When there are prejudices, leaders of criminal justice organizations face the challenges of achieving fairness, handling cases related to terrorism, and accurately administering justice.

Achieving fairness is a challenge because it directly addresses cultural and legal codes of conduct. The court of law, in particularly, faces this challenge because it is its primary goal: “[…] to achieve fairness and justice in performing its duties” (carolyn2010, 2010, para. 1). With this as its cornerstone, the court of law must also seek to always perform its tasks without discrimination and showing favoritism. For example, if a case involves someone of a certain status (politician, celebrity, etc.), judges, magistrates, or other employees may be tempted to show favoritism to these individuals, therefore not applying the law appropriately without bias.

Avoiding biased opinions and practices is another concern faced by leaders of criminal justice organizations because these opinions have the potential to affect society and its cultural norm. Whether it is a decision to investigate, file charges, arrest, and sentence someone, it is a challenge to do this as it relates to sensitive issues that may contradict how society behaves. For example, an issue of public concern arises when the competency of judges and magistrates is questioned. Accordingly,...
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