Leading Group Challenges

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Leading Group Challenges
There are several challenges of leading a working group in a criminal justice or private security organizations. The challenges can begin with something simple like the organizations goals, structure then move into the management of the human resources and the leadership of organization. Once these challenges have been worked through it will benefit the leaders of the organization. The organization must have a goal. The group leader must make sure that the group knows the goal of the organization. The goal is what the organization is working to reach in the future. The organization wants to reach their goal. The goal needs to be emphasized and communicated in a clear manner for all of the employees to understand so they can reach the goal. The goals help to keep the employees focused, motivated and involved in the process of reaching the goal. It is important that the employees are used in the areas that best fit their talents, skills and experience to assist with the organization reaching their goal. Even though it is important for the employees to reach their individual goals but there needs to be steps in place so the individual goals actually benefit the organizations goals. The structure of the organization is determined by the economy within the departments of the organization. The structure also assists the organization on reaching the goal. The structure can have some parts that are considered weak. An example of a weakness was when parts of the structure such as open positions could cause more workload for other employee which is looked at as an overload, which would be looked at as a weakness. The human resource department has been labeled the area that handles the employee’s benefits, compensation, insurance and training for many years. Human resources are also responsible for finding the best person qualified to fill any open position that needs to be filled in the organization at all level. One of the main assignments of...
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