Leading and Managing a Major Change Project

Topics: Leadership, Management, New Guinea Pages: 9 (3171 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Divine Word University, Madang
Faculty of Arts
Department of PNG Studies

Until Title: Leading and Managing a Major Change Project
Code: PG 405
Unit Lecturer: Jerome K. Semos, PhD

PG 405 Assignment Number 1: Media Reports + 3 Key Concepts + Local Community Development “Success Story” Aspects through PNG Development Strategic Plan 2010-2030 and PNG Vision 2050.

Title: Leadership, Management and Change Project
Due Date: March 10, 2013 (11:50 p.m)
Name: Elijah. Luan

Introducntion________________________________________________________________1 Leadership Concept_______________________________________________________ 1-2 Management Concept______________________________________________________3-4 Change Project_____________________________________________________________4-6 Conclusion__________________________________________________________________6 Reference___________________________________________________________________7 Appendix___________________________________________________________________8

Leadership is something that anyone can engage in and you don’t have to be a manager to be a leader. The primary criterion to determine a leader is that others follow willingly. There are some components of leadership like role model, inspirational motivation, vision individualized consideration, and etc.Management is a transaction between the leader and one or more others. It consists of rewarding performance, and monitoring and controlling. “You can be a good manager without being a good leader; but you can’t be a good leader without being a good manager” (Parry, 1996, 16). With leadership concepts and management components it would be a significant towards change projects in the communities. In this write up I would analyze the three keys; leadership, management and change project and how those three key concepts with their sign posts are linked to success stories on a community development project. There will be three success stories from local newspapers articles and those articles will be used as the example of the three key concepts how there are used in a community development project. With the three keys concepts and the success stories all be link with Vision 2050 pillar number two (2) Wealth Creation.

1. Leadership:
Leadership is the presentation by a person of some identifiable goal or vision or future state that people can desire and the generation of a willingness within those people to follow the leader along a socially responsible and mutually beneficial course of action toward that goal. (Parry, 1996, pg1) Role modeling

There is couple of things that constitutes leadership. You can lead others by getting them to willingly follow your lead. If you do your job well you will probably be respected for it. The first thing that constitutes leadership is role modeling. By being a model for others in the way that you do your job, you are being a leader. You are setting the benches mark of performance that others can see and follow or look upon you. That’s how you showing the lead and this shows the constitutes what are leadership. “Idealized influence” Leadership behavior in which the leader behavior so that followers seek to follow with their own actions (Bass and Avolio). The newspaper article title ‘ENB sets up crocs project’ is base on a project that would be a success in the future. The project is about East New Britain (ENB) Division of Primary Industry establishing a crocodile population manage control program in the province. The project is to look at removing crocodiles from populated areas as well as venturing into crocodile faming and crocodile skin export business. With this skin export business project it would create wealth in the province. The project will link directly with the Vision 2050 pillar number two Wealth Creation. In the pillar number two it elaborate more on the manufacturing, there should be more encouragement on processing for export. In...
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