Leadeship and Influence

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Abraham Maslow Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: November 5, 2010
In order to obtain a valuable return of this paper, I’ve decided to have a closer look to the organization I am working and make a connection with the Art Friedman – Friedmans Appliance & Ron Johnson – Department of Accounting cases that we studied. It was very interesting when during the class I started to understand and to form a different perception on the facts and situations that are happening in the company I am working with. We can say that Art Friedman was a team leader according to the Leadership Grid Theory because he had a high concern for both production and people. He showed a higher concern for production by trying to be the best place to buy a microwave oven and accessories. He accomplish that by offering repair services for his ovens, which is very important for his customers, as well as cooking classes that educate his customers to get the most from their microwave. In the same time he knew that he needed his employees to help him realize all of this, so he focused on them to. He understood that if you give people what they want they will give you what you want creating a win-win situation, so he used the technique to make everyone a boss. He made them feel important as if they owned the company, he give them the freedom to make their own schedule. He also show them trust by making an opened petty cash system. They were motivated to work hard so they can ask for a rise. He knew that by keeping his employees satisfied they will increase their productivity and they will stay on the job longer. So keeping employees happy by motivating them must be a top priority for any leader. By offering them all the mentioned above benefits, he satisfied the higher level of their needs according to the hierarchy of needs: - Social needs because they interact with people (customers and colleagues) - Esteem needs because they benefit of pay rises, participation in decision making (establishing schedule) - Self-actualization needs – the ability to have complete...
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