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Individual Leadership Assessment Resources and Tools

Developed May 2001

General Websites

The Center for Creative Leadership has developed a number of leadership assessment tools. They pioneered 360 degree tools. They have tools available to assess leadership skills such as Benchmarks: Assessing Leadership Skills and Enhancing Development Process, a 360-degree tool that identifies strengths and development needs in areas such as resourcefulness; doing whatever it takes; participative management; change management; building and mending relationships; compassion and sensitivity; balance between personal life and work; self-awareness; putting people at ease; differences matter; career management; and the Campbell Leadership Index which measures 21 dimensions of leadership -- ambitious, daring, dynamic, enterprising, experience, farsighted, original, persuasive, affectionate, considerate, empowering, entertaining, friendly; credible, organized, productive, thrifty, calm, flexible, optimistic, trusting. There is a cost to use these tools. http://www.ccl.org/assessments

Suggested Competencies for Effective Leadership in Organizations identifies and provides links for many core leadership competencies such as communication, motivating others, valuing diversity, conflict management, systems thinking, and team building. http://www.mapnp.org/library/ldr_dev/cmptncy/cmptncy.htm#anchor4293089819

On-Line Leadership Self-Assessment Tools

The Educational Leadership Toolkit has a leadership self-assessment and a team climate survey. http://www.nsba.org/sbot/toolkit/LeadSA.html

Leadership Self-Assessment Tool by R.E. Brown and Associates. This tool can be used for an assessment from your own perspective or from the perspective of others – a 360 degree look at one’s leadership strengths and potential http://www.rebrown.com/rebrown/mri/self.htm

Other tools are available from the Free Management Library website on their webpage entitled...
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