Leadershipand Emotional Intelligence

Topics: Leadership, Management, Emotion Pages: 3 (616 words) Published: November 27, 2010

Janice Clay
Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
Week Four
Dory Guillory

Leadership and emotional intelligence is a reflection of one’s own style values and skills.

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
Leaders are passionate and committed to a set of fundamental beliefs. Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to perceive control and evaluate the emotions of self. For years researchers have been trying to answer these questions; “What does it take to be an effective leader (Lussier, 2010)?” And “what is the most effective leadership style ( Lussier, 2010)?” I have come to the conclusion that my leadership style is a relationship according to the contingency leadership theory. Fred E. Fiedler developed the first situational leadership theory. He called the theory “Contingency Theory of Leader Effectiveness” (Lussier, 2010). Fiedler believed that your leadership style is a reflection of your personality and is basically constant which means that leaders do not change their styles. The contingency leadership theory developed by Fiedler is used to determine if a person’s leadership style is task or relationship oriented and if the situation matches the leader’s style. If there is not a match Fiedler recommends that the leader change the situation rather the leadership style (Lussier, 2010). The apartment complex that I lived in caught on fire everyone got out safely but everyone was perplexed. I did not have any answers but I saw the need to provide comfort and support. I quickly got telephone numbers so that we could stay in touch and advised Management that I had tenant’s telephone number and relatives’ numbers. It was evident that by gathering this information it was appreciated by the tenants and Management. I followed

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
up by calling the tenants’ that were involved in the fire to see how they were doing....
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