Leadership: A Theoretical Approach

Topics: Motivation, Leadership, Scientific method Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: November 2, 2010
Leadership: A theoretical Approach Essay
Gina M. Clark – First Wheel
Hodges University

IDS 2001
Dr. Franz
October 27, 2010
Leadership Abilities
This student has a combination approach to leadership. This student tends to lean to use the situation approach and the supportive role. This student feels that an order to be effective the leader needs to be flexible to the environment and the personalities of the employees. If a task needs to be accomplished and the leader does not have the support from the employees then the leader will have a difficult time motivating the employees to be productive. Therefore, this leader believes who is task driven needs to have people skills. This student feels being a good role model, a good listener with an open door policy, being honest, and having integrity will gain the respect of the employee or employee.

This leader is observant to personalities and tries to match up the person with the task at hand. She also encourages the employees with kindness and treats them with respect. This leader tends to be a follower because she knows that some people have more skills than her and is impressed by the talents of others. This student believes to get the optimal performance from anyone or group it is important to find what motivates them. This student uses incentives to motivate others. It is important for the leader, this student, to observe the group or person that is being motivated. In the past, this student gave gratis and gifts to show her support and gratitude for their accomplishments. If there was a deadline to be met then having a reasonably fair contest would stimulate motivations of the groups to accomplish a task and the goals would be met. In some cases people are motivated by recognition, dinner or lunches, money, and in some cases days off or a short trip. This would all depend on budget and the business of course. Boundaries need to be set when necessary, because not everyone is...
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