Leadership Workshop

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Leadership Workshop

Team Captains

Ben Criscuolo


Theme: Communication. Breaking the ice.

Today sports captains will have to focus on reaching out toward others and getting to know one another. The best way to lead a team is to know each and every player on their own individual level.

9:00 am start:
* Captains gather for casual breakfast
* They mingle with one another and get to know names

10:30 am:
* Everyone will gather into one large group. Each person will take a turn at providing further information about themselves. This exercise is done so that the captains will know one another more than just a first name basis. * The Scrimmage article on the “5 Traits of Effective Leadership” will be distributed to each person.

11:30 am:
* Captains will be broken up into five groups of five. A team leader will be selected for that day. There will be a new team leader every day. * Captains will discuss the scrimmage article amongst themselves.

12:15 am:

* Captains will break for sports and athletics.
* The designated group leader for that day will be in charge of his team of five men. * All of the five group leaders will meet to discuss which sport will be played.

1:00 pm:
* Captains gather for lunch. Tolli’s will provide pizza and pasta everyday throughout the workshop.

1:30 pm:
* Groups will once again gather. They will be handed a survey reflecting what they had learned earlier about the 5 traits of effective leadership. * This survey will be done every day. Everyone in the group will take part in it. The survey will assess the group leader that day during athletics. This will allow the leader to see where his weaknesses are in his leadership skills. It is meant to be an icebreaker. Captains will be forced to comment on their group leader and provide insight.

3:00 pm:
* Captains will gather to watch a media clip on “The Greatest Inspiration of all time”. * This media clip features a coach who speaks to his football players about being champions. * Captains will see where inspiration comes from and understand how to teach it to their teammates.

4:00 pm:
* Everyone will meet back up into one large group. An overview of the day will be discussed * Captains will be encouraged to all mention one thing they have learned throughout the day

5:00 pm:

The day will close with a prayer and captains will be sent home to get ready for tomorrow.


Theme: Teammates

“As a team leader your task is to evoke excellence in others. Great Leaders are eager to help someone else improve at what he or she wants to do… How do I contribute to a teammate’s competence in a respectful, dignified, and effective way”?

9:00 am start:
* Captains meet for causal breakfast.
* They continue to meet new captains and build relationships

10:30 am:
* Captains will meet together in one large group.
* They will receive the Scrimmage Article “The 5 core concerns of Every Teammate” * Captains will then break into their smaller groups of five and select a group leader for the day.

11:00-12:30 pm:

Each group of five will go over the scrimmage article they were given. The article touches upon 5 concerns that each Captain should be aware of as they work to establish a team. Each concern must be assessed and captains will be challenged to think of ways to deal with these concerns.

* Concern #1: Appreciation. Your team wants to know that their captains value their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

* Concern #2: Association. Your teammates want to be treated as an integral part of something meaningful.

* Concern #3: Self-Management. Student athletes want to be respected for their ability to make decisions in their best interest.

* Concern #4: Status. It is clear who the best players are on the field but you and your teammates should not relegate the contributions others make in various roles to...
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