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Topics: Leadership, Management, Situational leadership theory Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: May 20, 2013
It is a dynamic process in a group or a team , where one individual influences others to contribute voluntarily to the achievement of group tasks in a given situation. Importance of Leadership
* Can reduce employee dissatisfaction
* Encourages effective delegation
* Creates team spirit
* Helps to develop skills and confidence in the group
* Help to enlist support and co-operation from the people outside the group or organization Traits of Leadership:
* Physical traits, such as drive, energy, appearance and height * Personality traits, such as adaptability, enthusiasm and self- confidence * Social traits, such as co-operation, tact, courtesy and administrative ability. Leadership is an active process which involves giving instructions, persuasion and motivation.

* Task needs:
* Setting objectives
* Planning tasks
* Allocation of responsibilities
* Setting performance standards
* Individual needs
* Coaching
* Counselling
* Development
* Motivation
* Group needs
* Communication
* Team- building
* Motivation
* Discipline

Contingency leadership theory demonstrates that there is no ideal personality nor best style for a leader. The theory also provides a basis for developing people as leaders. By making people aware of the factors affecting the choice of leadership style and providing a basis for increased self-awareness the theory gives a useful starting point for leadership training. Having identified the maturity level, appropriate leadership style can be adopted. These may be classified as delegating, participating, selling and telling. FOUR KEY STYLES OR SYSTEMS OF LEADERSHIP:

* System 1: Exploitative autocratic- which is the epitome of the authoritarian style. * System 2: Benevolent authoritative- is basically a paternalistic style. There is a limited element of reward, but communication is restricted. Policy...
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