Leadership Video Reaction Paper

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Leadership Video Reaction Paper

By | October 2012
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This DVD has made a strong impression on me. I have learned so many different techniques when dealing with people in real-life situation. And it all comes back from the last question of Connie Podesta: “How much is your life worth?” I want to find the answer for my life and determine the true value of myself.

1. I have three jobs, schools and lots of activities. Most often, I will scramble during the week with work and school while run around during the weekend with friends. I am not perfect so from time to time I will skip difficult task and move on. It gets me where I want to be quicker, but not in a complete way. Sometimes, it creates conflict and comes back again with different or same form. I want to control my life over obstacles and over difficult times. I want to find the meaning of MY life. My life have been pleasure and well-protected by my parents. But I want to do more, I want to learn more and become someone who can risk her life for a goal. I know I will fail and it will hurt, still I am desperate to have my chance, to fail, to stand up and to grow from the experience.

Many people know this, but only a few can separate between personal life and work. Even though personal life has great influence on one’s personality and one’s reaction toward people, there must be a fine line between work and personal life. Everyday, I have different emotion and meet different obstacle, but at work, my co-worker will not know about it, unless I speak up. When I do, I may get sympathy over my poor performance, but it does not take the blame for me, since it is my own responsible and my own problem to deal with aside work. I have a bad day, but that does not mean my friends have to know it too. Life is too short to fix everything you did wrong, so it is best to perform at your finest ability to pass up correction. This is about the responsible toward my friends, the comfort atmosphere at work, and the trust builder toward others. I got paid by the company to do the...

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