Leadership Traits on Multi-National Company

Topics: Leadership, Management, Fiedler contingency model Pages: 5 (1735 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Leaders in business are the most important people in organisation since they are dependable for the development and continuousness of their business, especially in multi-national company like McDonald’s. It is believed that they should be responsible for their movement and copes with hardship and also need to do the right things for themselves and their followers. In addition, “to be a good leader it is believed that someone should have authority to control over the performance of themselves and their employees” (Detrich 2009, p.2). It is thought that diversity will always appear at work environment especially among the staff, which comes from different regions or nations. That is the reason why some company or organisation needs a leader with certain leadership attributes. That is the cause why good leader with leadership attributes mentioned above is needed to overcome such difficult condition. Eventually, in terms of study of leaders of McDonalds leadership management, we can look deeper at this this company because it is one of the most advanced multi-national enterprise originated from United States that “serves 69 million customers everyday in 119 countries and employs more than 1.8 million people across the globe in corporate and restaurant positions” (McDonald’s 2013). Regardless of those numbers of achievement that McDonald’s made, there must be some good front-runners behind those successful stories, which have all those certain characteristics of leadership qualities. Therefore, This essay will examine the role of leadership in dealing with adversity in a number of countries by using the multinational company McDonald’s and will discuss firstly the 6 attributes of leadership and will examine their role in managing a company. It will argue that these 6 attributes are essential to good leadership in adversity and diverse situations. According to (‘Leadership Traits: Principal's Report’ 2004) “This essay will elaborate the six leadership traits, those attributes are: (1) direction; (2) respect ;(3) information ;(4) values ;(5) energy ;(6) role models”. In order to be a positive leader someone should have leadership qualities mentioned above with clear direction or well-defined objective called mission because “knowing what you want and how to get it gives you a confidence people sense they can rely on” (Bosi 1997, p.21-23). This attribute would stimulate company to achieve certain goal that has been acknowledged by their leader, because they know what they do, they sure of it and the try with their best to achieve that goal. Most of the leaders in this company are young minded with a decent education background and they know how to adapt their business in the present situations. “The new era managers are being educated in Business school, trained by instructors, or counseled by profession leaders are creating new track in organization of job and commercial organisation” (Kacena 2002, p. 21-23). As a result, what they have got in their education soon will be implicated in their real life and will be their lifetime of knowledge. They should have an optimistic way of thinking for their decision and make their objectives become reality. For example “in July 2012, Thompson became President and CEO and is leading the company’s mission to become “our customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink”” (McDonald’s 2013). This is good illustration of define objective that every leader should have and will make everyone in the company to become motivated because the leader is have a great influence for his or her employee to work together to achieve certain short-term and long-term goals. Respect is an essential way of being generous and worthy to other person or people, furthermore “the leaders include employees in their thinking and recognize the value of the diverse talents and outlooks employees bring to the firm” (‘Leadership Traits: Principal's Report’ 2004). Respect is the most important thing in building a strong...
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