Leadership Traits

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Traits Approach to Leadership

Traits Approach to Leadership
The traits theory of leadership focuses on the traits of an individual, stating that certain traits are found in leaders and not in those who are not leaders. This theory points out that certain personal characteristics are found in those who lead, and not in those who do not. The theory states that an individual must have a certain set of traits in order to be a good leader. (Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. pg 377) Traits associated with leadership are being charismatic, enthusiastic, and courageous. Leaders according the trait theory should be strong willed, enthusiastic, disciplined, and an extrovert, having these characteristics make the person a good leader according to the traits theory. According to Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. (2007), “Sociable and dominant people are more likely to assert themselves in group situations, but leaders need to make sure they’re not too assertive—one study found leaders who scored very high on assertiveness were less effective than those who were moderately high” (chapter 12). Assertive behavior and a take charge attitudes are traits deemed to qualify one as a leader by the traits theory standards. There are many different characteristics that leader’s posses, these traits make the person able to express ideas and initiate activities. The strengths of using traits to determine if a person can be a good leader is that even if a person has good ideas and abilities if they do not have an extrovert personality trait they probably will not make a good leader. Traits play a partial role in being an effective leader; however they are not the only qualities that determine if a person will be a good leader. Leaders need to be extroverted, compassionate, and work well with others in order to successfully lead a group, these traits come second to the knowledge the person must have in order to fully understand the group’s goals. Some weaknesses of the...
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