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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Wk8 Assign: Project 1 - Description

When trying to identify a particular individual that exhibits characteristics of a leader, it is important to find someone whom you can identify yourself with. There are many leaders both past and present to choose from but there are a select few that would not allow them to be defined by their circumstances or environment. These individuals found a way to rise above their challenges regardless if others have tried but failed around them. Governor Deval Patrick of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at the end of chapter 10 of the text (Lussier & Achua, 2010, p. 387-389) is someone who exhibits these unique traits. Politicians typically demonstrate many different leadership traits and it’s interesting to see how their decisions can impact society as a whole. Much like any organization their decisions can affect their entire organization either positively or negatively and also how people perceive them to be. Below we will analyze his leadership style based off of leadership models and how they can impact leadership decision-making on an organization. It’s important to take a moment to learn about the person’s background to get a better understanding on how they developed into a strong leader. For Governor Deval Patrick this did not begin when he became Governor of Massachusetts in November, 2006. It began early in his life as a child and the events and circumstances would be a defining moment that would lead him down the path to become a Governor in one of the 50 states in the United States of America. Unlike other politicians, Governor Patrick’s childhood was far from the comfortable and wealthy lifestyle that so many other politicians have come from. He was raised by a single mother in the south side of Chicago and grew up in a poor and violent neighborhood but that did not prevent him from being a motivated student. It’s was at age 14 that Governor Patrick came to Massachusetts when he was awarded a...
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