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  • Published : October 7, 2012
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Enrich and Re-Teach Leadership Team
Gloria Bernal, Alexis Edwards, Bart Nieuwenhuis, Lourdes Vasquez, Michelle Weisbrod Grand Canyon University: EDA 577
September 19, 2012

Leadership Teams for Enrich and Re-Teach

|Personnel (Title) |Objectives |Process Identification | |Administrator |Oversee and ensure the program fits the school |Collaborate with team members to ensure | | |environment |continuity and identify areas of improvement. | |Teachers |Teach concepts, gather sample data through |Clearly define objectives, establish essential | | |formative assessments |questions and ensure consistency with formative| | | |assessments. | |Students |Learn concepts, practice concepts, gain |Become proficient with the subject matter being| | |additional concepts with enrichment or directed|taught and increase standardized test scores. | | |to re-teach | | |Student Achievement Teacher |Collect, analyze, evaluate data; plan with |Weekly collect and analyze the data and | | |teams |identify trends and collaboration with team | | | |members to plan and give direction for future | |...
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