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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Leadership is a trait; each of us has unique leadership traits, for example in Characteristics of Good Teachers by Benjamin H.Layne and Deron R.Boyles mentions that a most important trait is recognition of individual differences of a teachers . Is ability, it means you are able, you have the capacity. Is a skill, it means you know how to do something, that you are competent, as a competency, leadership becomes available to everyone. Is a behavior, it requires task and process behaviors, effective leaders combine these two behaviors, for example when low levels of maturity are enacted in relation to the tasks being performed, a high task-behavior of the leader should be exhibited. At medium levels of maturity, leaders need to be more focused on relationship-behaviors and at the highest levels of subordinate maturity, the leader needs to offer little direction or task-behavior and allow the subordinate to assume responsibilities. Is a relationship, centered on communication between leaders and followers, for example the relationship between teachers and students is important for the education. Is an influence, a process whereby an individual influences a group to achieve a common goal, there is a good sentence to mention it which is example is better than precept.

Teacher as a leadership in the school, they should leading students in a good way, teachers should have leadership skills, which means teachers use their knowledge and competencies to accomplish a set of goals and objectives whit students and their skills and abilities that can be learned and developed. Besides, leadership also is a relationship, communication is very important between teachers and students and it is an interactive process. Leaders always affect followers, so that teachers will influence students to achieve a common goal.

If one seeks to be perceived by others as a leader, he should possess or cultivate at least five traits. The first one is intelligence, including verbal,...
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