Leadership Task 1

Topics: Leadership, Problem solving, Decision making Pages: 4 (1440 words) Published: November 5, 2012
I can define my leadership style as a Developer where I accept the responsibility of brainstorming, implementing, executing and ultimately measuring tasks or objectives at my workplace. As a Consulting Director in a group of six medical clinics, I realize that communication with your teammates is essential when trying to achieve a common goal. Moreover, developing each member of the team in performing their tasks in a more efficient manner and by taking their own initiative can be extremely helpful. This development can transcend not only in terms of work goals, but also in personal goals. The concept of training and coaching can be very hard to achieve since every person is different and one needs to find the commonality on people to achieve the ultimate goal of finishing a task or completing an assignment. You need to become an expert of what you are trying to pass on to other people so they can see you as a leader who will show them the way to succeed and at the same time, see you as a role model at the work place or/and their personal lives. Ethics and moral conduct play an important role when you are trying to instill the developer style in leadership among your teammates. “The disadvantages of this approach, are that the leader gives up control over the process, has to tolerate followers’ moving in directions not necessarily consistent with the leaders’ desires, and they have to accept decisions made by followers that differ from his or her own” (Beck & Yeager. Chapter 5: The Leader as Developer. 2001). In other words, since the leader relies on his team to achieve the goals and tasks that were agreed upon, the leader might loose some personal control over his team members that may adjust or change the path to ultimately achieve their purpose. However, the team members have been trained by the same leader who is giving full support for their decisions. Thus, a developer leader feels comfortable delegating duties and empowering team members to...
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