Leadership Styles Case Study

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Leadership Styles Case Study
The type of leadership practiced at the NCF was, transactional leadership. “In Transactional leaders are focused on creating a bargain for individual interests who eventually go their separate ways, rather than the mutual effort of people who are interested in collective interests and have a common purpose” (Manning, 2003, p. 50). The leader at the NCF engages the employees to comply with the values regarding dual relationship by bargaining with them using something they value. The leader at NCF states that dual relationships could be grounds for employee termination thus bargaining with them to comply using their job as the valued thing with the employees. The type of leadership practiced at the SSS was, transformational leadership. “Transformational leadership focuses on engaging people through relationship; leaders and constituents, through the pursuit of goals, raise each other to higher levels of motivation and morality. This engagement is directed toward achieving a particular end or purpose, but the process of working toward the purpose also has the potential to achieve individual ends as well” (Manning, 2003, p. 52). The leader at the SSS holds at meeting to discuss organization’s role and purpose in the community, and what he learned at the conference. The leader at the SSS then engages the employees by asking for their input and participation in overcoming obstacles. The leadership style I would recommend for a human service organization is the transformational leadership style. “The values relevant to transformation are what Burns (1978) refers to as “end-values.” They include liberty, justice, equality, peace, and humanitarianism. These values appeal to a collective purpose: the common good;” which relates more closely the values of today’s human service organizations. References

Manning, S. S. (2003). Ethical leadership in human services. Boston: Allyn and Bacon
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