Leadership Styles and Motivational Techniques in Men and Women

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  • Published : May 23, 2010
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"Men and women differ in leadership styles and motivational techniques." There are many different types of leadership styles and motivational techniques. Leadership and motivation really go hand in hand. A leader who cannot motivate is really not leading. Men and women use a variety of them, but in different forms. Men tend to lean toward the more demanding styles of leadership, while women tend to lean more toward the motivational techniques. To lead a group to a specific goal, the members of the group will need some type of motivation. Motivation can range anywhere from self-satisfaction to monetary. Fear in its-self is a motivator. Fear of losing a job and therefore losing your home or even your family, is probably one of the most common self-inflicted motivators. Someone once said “there is nothing to fear but fear its-self”, I am not so sure I agree with the statement, but I do understand its implications. The most common motivator is monetary. Without money, a person cannot survive in this world. I am not talking a mass amount, just the minimum to pay the bills and get food. So to lead you need to know how to motivate. Men tend to use the ‘fear’ motivator more than women. Men know what has to be done and they simply demand that it be done, ‘or else’. This type of leadership leaves a lot to be desired. Men do not normally guide a group they stand to the front and tell what needs to be done and who needs to do it, without much if any hands on. It needs to be understood that not all men use this type of motivation, but my experience has shown that it is most common in men. Women tend to use more psychological motivators. Women know what has to be done and they tend to use a more “motherly” style to get it accomplished. When attempting to get a group of people to move toward a specific goal, women tend to guide rather than lead. Many female leaders will jump in and perform hands on guidance. This does not always get the respect it deserves, but many people...
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