Leadership Styles

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"Relationship between Secondary School Teachers’ Leadership Styles and Academic Achievement of their Students”| |
Humaira Jabeen MS 2nd|
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Leadership is unique to a particular person to another. The skills adopt by leaders can be from experience, training or formal education. Adaptations of type of leaders are also unique and the ways the leaders lead are reflection of themselves. For instance, if a person is a visionary person, when he or she becomes a leader, they will become a visionary leader. Provided this, leaders must also equip themselves with other style of leadership that are able to ensure towards the academic achievements of students. Apart from that, training, Inservice trainings, seminars and workshops held by the education department government can drive attention towards the effective leadership style that will lead to better learning environment students’ academic achievement in an institution or school(http://www.articlesbase.com/leadership-articles/). According to Balcon (year) (http://www.articlesbase.com/leadership-articles/), teachers has the role of leadership in the school as an autocratic leader, democratic, participatory and laissez faire. Autocratic leaders implied as leader that has no confidence and trust to subordinates and never delegates, motives by treats, little communication and teamwork. Next, the democratic leaders have complete confidence and trust to subordinates and allowing them to make decisions. The motives are by setting goals, participation and sharing ideas Please give reference support. While laissez-faire acts upon the policy of non-interference and subordinates are free to do their work in pre-planned criteria and this leadership normally do not enjoys authority Please give reference support. According to Balcon (http://www.articlesbase.com/leadership-articles), the types of leadership stated are Transformational, Transactional or Laissez Faire Leadership. There are factors that lead a school towards success and one of the most important factor that brings about the success is better and motivating learning environment for better students academic achievement. Student academic achievement is very crucial to be address at every level, from a perspective of an individual, a family, an organization like school and nation as a whole. Student academic achievement must be achieved successfully together with non-academic area like co-curriculum. Nevertheless, the academic achievement is still a core business for a school to meet successfully. It is also the among the objectives of any school. Based on leadership theories, there are eight type of leadership theories theorist; there are Great Man Theory, Trait Theory, Behavioural Theories, Participative Leadership, and situational Leadership, Contingency Theories, Transactional Leadership and Transformational leadership give the name of the writer with year not web address. (http://www.articlesbase.com/leadership-articles/). Teachers are the respondents because this research will find out the relationship between teacher leadership styles and students academic achievement. Why teachers are the suitable respondents? Because, for instance, when a leader initiates a strategy, to be specific, academic strategy to increase students’ academic achievement in a school examination, leader is only initiating the strategy and instructing, but the teachers who are going to execute it. So, based on teacher’s perception as an executer for school’s strategy, they are the suitable respondents to find out which are the leadership style that promotes student academic achievement based on their perception. Also the role of teacher in academic achievement of students is highlighted in below Table 1. Table 1: Contributions made by various inputs for academic achievement Inputs %| Contribution to good results|

Effective teaching| 75|
Adequate textbooks/tuitionand equipment| 15|
Good physical...
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