Leadership Styles

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Leadership Styles in Professional Nursing
Different leadership styles, carried out by nurse leaders, have been implemented into the professional nursing practice with the intention of ensuring positive outcomes in the health care system. The most common leadership styles found in the study were affiliate and coaching, meaning most managers strive to create harmonious and friendly atmospheres to prevent rifts among staff and try to encourage their staff’s long term development (Kenmore, 2008). Other leadership styles include directive, visionary, pace setting, and participative. More experienced nurse managers have come to incorporate a majority of leadership styles into their practice. These two leadership styles are used in professional nursing practices everywhere regardless of its history of proving to create failure along with success. Review of the Professional Nursing Literature

The affiliate leadership style is used in professional nursing practices when conflicts need solving or when there is a lack of motivated team members. The coaching leadership style is used to motivate team members to improve. According to Isola, Paasivaara, and Vesterinen, concerning the coaching approach it is important for nurse managers to be able to coach and give opportunities to employees to improve their professional skills. In the coaching leadership style, nurse managers trust their employees and let them make independent decisions. As far as the affiliate leadership style, the nurse manager considered it to be the leader’s task to find things that bring personnel closer together and create community spirit (Isola, Paasivaara, and Vesterinen, 2009). The affiliate leader should utilize personal differences as a resource to create a culture that accepts all variances. The coaching and affiliate leadership styles have been known to be the more sympathetic styles out of all of the leadership styles in the professional nursing practice. According...
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