Leadership Styles

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Exercise 1 - Leadership Questionnaire
Directions: The following items describe aspects of leadership behavior. Respond to each item according to the way you would most likely act if you were the leader of a work group. Circle whether you would most likely behave in the described way: A – always; F – frequently; O – occasionally; S – seldom; or N – never. AFOSN 1. I would most likely act as the spokesperson of the group. AFOSN 2. I would encourage extra work (no more than average). AFOSN 3. I would allow members complete freedom in their work. AFOSN 4. I would encourage the use of uniform procedures.

AFOSN 5. I would permit the members to use their own judgment in solving problems. AFOSN 6. I would stress being ahead of competing groups. AFOSN 7. I would speak as a representative of the group.

AFOSN 8. I would needle member for greater effort.
AFOSN 9. I would try out my ideas in the group.
AFOSN 10. I would let the members do their work the way they think best. AFOSN 11. I would be working hard for a better position. AFOSN 12. I would tolerate postponement and uncertainty.
AFOSN 13. I would speak for the group if there were visitors present. AFOSN 14. I would keep the work moving at a rapid pace. AFOSN 15. I would turn the members loose on a job and let them go to it. AFOSN 16. I would settle conflicts when they occur in the group. AFOSN 17. I would get swamped by details.

AFOSN 18. I would represent the group at outside meetings.
AFOSN 19. I would be reluctant to allow the members any freedom of action. AFOSN 20. I would decide what should be done and how it should be done. AFOSN 21. I would push for increased production.
AFOSN 22. I would let some members have authority, which I could easily have kept for myself. AFOSN 23. Things would usually turn out as I had predicted. AFOSN 24. I would allow the group a high degree of initiative. AFOSN 25. I would assign group members to particular tasks. AFOSN 26. I would be willing to make changes. AFOSN 27. I would ask the members to work harder.

AFOSN 28. I would trust the group members to exercise good judgments. AFOSN 29. I would schedule the work to be done. AFOSN 30. I would refuse to explain my actions.
AFOSN 31. I would persuade others that my ideas are to their advantage. AFOSN 32. I would permit the group to set its own pace. AFOSN 33. I would urge the group to beat its previous record. AFOSN 34. I would act without consulting the group.

AFOSN 35. I would ask that group members follow standard rules and regulations. Score your answers as follows: a. Circletheitemnumberforitems:8,12,17,19,30,34,and35.
b. Writethenumber1infrontofacircleditemnumberifyourespondedS(seldom)orN (never) to that item.
c. Also, write a number 1 in front of an item number NOT circled if you responded A (always) or F (frequently).
d. Circle the number 1s that you have written in front of the following items: 3, 5, 8, 10, 15, 18, 19, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34 and 35.
e. Count the circled number 1s. This is your score for concern for people. Record the score in the blank following the letter P at the end of the Leadership Style Profile Sheet (next page).
f. Count the un-circled number 1s. This is your score for concern for task. Record this number in the blank following the letter T. NAME:
08 Medium 08 Medium
02 Low 02 Low
T: Concern for Task
T – P Leadership Style Profile Sheet
Directions: To determine your style of leadership, mark your score on the Concern for Task dimension (T) on the left-hand side below. Next, move to the right-hand side and mark your score on the Concern for People dimension (P). Draw a straight light that intersects the P and T scores. The point at which that line crosses the shared leadership section indicates your score on the dimension. SHARED LEADERSHIP RESULTS FROM BALANCING CONCERN FOR TASK AND CONCERN FOR PEOPLE Autocratic Shared Leadership Leadership

High High Morale & Productivity Productivity...
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