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Topics: Indian Premier League, Board of Control for Cricket in India, Lalit Modi Pages: 10 (2485 words) Published: July 8, 2010
Lalit Modi – Former Chairman of Indian premier league


The assignment is based on Lalit Modi who is an Indian Cricket administrator as well as a reputed businessman of India. He really worked very hard for bringing Indian premier league in international level and today ipl is craze among the people of the world. He is also worked as a vice president of BCCI and vice president for Punjab Cricket Association. Apart from all these Modi is also the President and managing director of Modi enterprises and also the executive director of Godfrey Phillips India. This paper tells the leadership style and way of handling that how Modi handles his organization and whether he is a successful leader or not. His trait and behavior is also shown. His style really worked out here, but the way he works is differ.

Keywords: ipl- Indian Premier League BCCI – Board of Control for Cricket in India


Lalit Modi is a product from good wealthy business and his father Krishna Kumar Modi who was the chairman of Modi enterprises at that time. Modi did his schooling from Bishop public school at Shimla. After such he continued his schooling from United States, and after that he wrote SAT which is useful for entering into colleges and universities from other countries to India. He did his studies also from Duke Universities in Durham, which is located at North Carolina, US. He claimed for highest tax payer in India for the fiscal year 2009 to 2010; he paid Rs. 8 crore for that year.


Lalit Modi was former chair person of DLF IPL. IPL was started in India during April 2008 and become as much as bigger as T20 world cup. It is a game of cricket for 20 over’s in which all international and local players will altogether plays for club. Till today there are 8 teams in IPL and from next year’s 2 more teams will also be included in this. During this year it becomes the first sporting events which show its live telecasts on you tube. During 2009 this event held in South Africa which makes more name of this event profiting total US$4 dollar. Modi was compared to Don King after the huge success of this event.

Lalit Modi as a leader showed Legitimate Power in the organization where he worked. He did certain wrong things and also certain bad things. He violated certain laws and goes beyond certain ethics.

He has certain characters which matched his trait approach:

➢ Task completion

➢ Risk taking

He took certain risks to reach to the certain level in the organization. There were certain ups and downs he faced to reached at the stage.

➢ Drive to exercise initiatives in certain social situations as ipl gave various platforms in social sectors.

➢ Self Confidence, it is not easy for any person for reaching certain milestone without self confidence, Modi filled himself up with full of confidence and reached to certain successful stage

Following are some reasons which mismatch his trait approach:

➢ Willingness tolerate frustrations and delay, he has the power to accept all those things.

➢ But sometimes he will go beyond the decisions which were taken by entire team and it was one of the most important reasons for his failure over there.

➢ He was also sometimes not ready to absorb the stress on his mind

As a leader Lalit Modi has the following important traits:

➢ He is intelligent, really used his brain for reaching at certain level

➢ He had certain self confidence, which is one of major trait an reason for his succession in the pitch

➢ Sociability, he has some good social relations with people like Priety Zinta and another business giant Vijay Malya, he co-operate well with such type of people in the organization

➢ He is a determinant person and got the job in the proactive nature.

He fails for the Integrity factor as he is not honest for the concerned and particular thing in IPL as he didn’t follow...
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