Leadership Style in an Organisation

Topics: Leadership, Situational leadership theory, Management Pages: 108 (27489 words) Published: November 15, 2012

This research is an investigation into the Role of Leadership Style in attainment of Organizational goals. Its major objectives are to find out whether there is a connection between a leader’s style and goal attainment. If there is, what effect dose it has on the productivity and the general mental attitude of the subordinates toward the goals of the organization.

The research covers all organization leadership in Nigeria as its population.

However, The Nigeria Army Medical Centre Ojo, was used as representative organization due to the similarities of their leadership style and vision.

As the topic of the research is a management function, attention was concentrated on the span of control circle within the organization for data collection and analyses base on this information from primary and secondary sources were sorted and obtained.

Some of the findings that arose from the analysis of data includes: There is for fact a correlation between leadership style and goal attainment in any organization. Organization do not usually adopt one best leadership style, but as the situation demands.

However, this research worth is ministered as follows:

Chapter one will provide: introduction, the background to study, statement of research problems, aim and objectives and this chapter will buttress about significance of the study in a very nutshell. It will also talk about the scope and limitations of the study.

Chapter two also take a brief look at the literature by highlighting on the subject matter, as well as related scholarly works done before now.

Chapter three explains the research methodology based on the design and development, population, sample of data, sources of data, method of data and so on while.

Chapter four will present and analyze the data gotten from the research and on this;

Chapter five will be drawn, which will provide the conclusion base on what is drawn out from chapter four and some recommendation will be made available for the organization and for other organization in Nigeria.



1.1Background to study

1.2Statement of research problem

1.3Aims and objectives

1.4Significance the study:

1.5Scope and limitation of the study:

1.6Definition of some basic term:


The bane to development in Nigeria today is the problem of leadership; this is so because successive leaders have failed to work past their Ego and selfishness in addressing real issues, rather they have been busy in adopting divide and Rule Tendency, in moving the nation forward.

Since independence in 1960, the nation Nigeria have had about 15 different leaders, unfortunately non has been able to re-write the history of our great Nation positively.

Every present leader blames the former for the quagmire and chaos in our polity, economic and other aspect of life for the average Nigeria. Thus, forgetting to answer the real question of how we can move forward?

This as a fact in present day Nigeria environment has also affected other aspect of the Nigeria society, like, Private Organizations, Public Corporations, Religious Organization, Educational Sector and so on.

Little wonder why lO’s of Wonder Banks have legitimized fraud within their financial institutions, company CEO’s on waited list, most other private companies folding up, the public sector and it’s bureaucracy, double standard, 10% kickback on contract and so on.

All this , put together have succeeded in mortgaging the future of our great Nation to perpetual self destruction, unless something good is done to put a lasting solution to the present trends.

In view of the above, one may rightly say that, “The Role of Leadership Style” is of paramount in every aspect of our life, specifically in attainment of corporate goal, either in the public or private...
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