Leadership Style and Team Performance with Task Characteristics as Moderators.

Topics: Leadership, Situational leadership theory, Motivation Pages: 10 (2966 words) Published: October 25, 2011

Leadership and teamwork are two of the hottest topics in organizational research. Besides being two of the most hottest topic, there were still some gaps to fill in terms of how leadership dynamics influence team outcomes. So far, research on leadership has only given attention towards functional leadership approach (Zaccaro et al, 2001). According to Jehn, Northcraft and Neale (1999), team performance literature were so far focused on how team interactions and task characteristics influence team outcome. Arguments of transformational leadership is more effective approach than transactional leadership in terms of motivating followers to achieve higher performance can be obtained from various literature resources (Yukl et al, 1999). However, there’s not much being done in exploring how different leadership approach such as transformational versus transactional leadership can interact with different types of team structure and different task characteristic. Little has been done also in exploring how different leadership style approach influence team outcome with respective task characteristic. There were significant relationship between the success level of leader in defining team directions and maximizing progress towards team effectiveness. Whereas leaders strive to achieve the anticipated outcomes under certain key performance indicator. To achieve these outcome, leaders can apply either transactional and transformational leadership approach. Both leadership approach have different context with each other making the application of either transactional and transformational leadership style is rather doubtful. Research Objective

The objective of this research is to examine the relationship between transformational and transactional leadership with team setting in different task characteristics. Besides that, this study also intends to find out the matching pair between different leadership style with team performance along side to identify the impact of each leadership styles towards team performance under respectively different task characteristic.

Research Question
1. What is the relationship between transformational leadership and team performance? 2. What is the relationship between transactional leadership and team performance? 3. How does different leadership style matched to team performance in high task programmability and outcome measurability? 4. How does different leadership style matched to team performance in low task programmability and outcome measurability? 5. What is the impact of transformational leadership towards team performance? 6. What is the impact of transactional leadership towards team performance?

Significance of Study
This study will be beneficial for team leaders across many different area of specialty that involves in a team setting environment. Besides that, this study would be beneficial to organizations as a guideline for team leader requirement settings in the organizations and implementing a new design of leadership culture in the organizations. Other than that, this study will also be beneficial for further study of the relationship of leadership dynamics towards team member performance as this study will contribute information regarding the interaction of different leadership styles with different task characteristics in team setting environment. Findings of this research can also help leaders to consider how to utilize different motivational approach under different task environment alongside management in deploying different leaders to lead different types of teams.

Review of Literature

Transformational versus transactional leadership
Burns was the first to come up with the definitions of transformational and transactional leadership in his book Leadership in 1978. Burns (1978) defined transformational and transactional leadership as an invisible...
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