Leadership Style

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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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Of the Leadership Styles discussed so far, which style do I most relate to and why? Answer
I can relate mostly to the democratic leadership style. This is because when I am a leader of a group, I usually develop the ideas for the team and I encourage the members to come up with newer and better information, I allow them to set their goals and I also recognize and encourages achievements. The other reasons why I believe I mostly relate to the democratic leadership style are because I try to keep the team members informed about what are the challenges that can affect our goals. In addition, I prefer the group to share ideas in decision making and problem solving tasks, this method makes it easier to solve complex problems that require lot of effort. Furthermore, I want to offer opportunities for team members to develop a high sense of responsibility and satisfaction. I can also relate to democratic leadership style because it allows me to encourage team building and participation. The drawbacks of this leadership style are the time it takes to get everyone’s input and idea, the difficulty to implement all the information provided by the team members and sometimes it is impracticable to apply some of the inputs. In addition, it is required to possess a great deal of patience and understanding because from time to time I can miss opportunities and get stuck in the middle of applying an amazing idea if I just give up quickly.
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