Leadership Study on Ocean Eleven

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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Ocean eleven

Group cycle of life

Plot: A gangster by the name of Danny Ocean rounds up a gang of associates to stage the biggest heists in history of three major Las Vegas casinos (Bellagio, The Mirage, and the MGM Grand) simultaneously during a popular boxing event. It's not going to be easy, as they plan to get in secretly and out with $150 million. 1. Orientation

* Scene 29 :16

* Average motivation
* Low productivity
The team leader is trying to:
* Common understanding of the goals
* Agreement on norms, teamwork basic rules
* Agreement on roles, goals, performance criteria
* Agreement on authority and responsibility in decision taking * Shared information about the available resources
* Agreement on structures and limits : how will the work be performed, by whom, in which time frame, requiring which skills * Good knowledge of who the other ones are, in order to use every one's skills and know-how, and in order to set interpersonal relationships 2. Dissatisfaction :

* Scene: 59:14

* Moral: low
* Productivity: low to average
* Clarify the global overview of the project
* Redefine the project, roles, goals, the structure
* Commitment towards values and norms must be renewed
* Skills development related to team and tasks
* Communication processes, including: listening to each other, objective feedback, conflict management and problem resolution * Differences must be valued
* Information and resources access
* Support and consolation
* Results recognition
* Open and frank discussion on topics like psychological locks, coalitions and personality conflicts

3. Integration
* Scene: 59:56

* Moral: in progress
* Productivity: average to high
* Integration of: roles, goals, norms and structure at an individual and group level * Keep on developing skills
* Support different point of view sharing and disagreement explicit expression,...
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