Leadership Spirituality

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2nd November 2007

Craig Anthony

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Leadership Spirituality
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2nd November 2007

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Assignment 2.

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You are to analyse an aspect or aspects of spiritual leadership. From an understanding of the literature you are to craft a structured argumentative response on how you think spiritual leadership could be applied to your work context. Your response is to be both logical and concise and should incorporate substantial evidence to support the premises and flow of your argument.

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Leadership Spirituality

Craig Selwood
Craig Selwood – November 2007


Leadership Spirituality

The focus of this paper is to explore spirituality and the impact it can have on leaderships within schools. I will recognise and expand on the key themes emerging in literature relating to spirituality and leadership spirituality. The paper will explore spirituality, examining its history and develop a definition for it. I will look at the place spirituality has in education and offer some structures that emerge from a strong spiritual presence in education.

The paper will continue by providing an insight into the concepts of leadership – by exploring the 20th Century mindset for leadership and a new thinking on leadership, that lend itself to spirituality through openness, risk taking, trust and collaboration. Culminating in the linking of leadership and Jesus’ example to give us spiritual leadership (more commonly called servant leadership).

The paper will then investigate Serving Schools (2006) the new organisational structure for the Catholic Education Office, Parramatta and its core focus of service to schools in the diocese; and Catholic Schools at a Crossroads (2007). I will explore the implications these two documents and spiritual leadership will have on Clare Catholic High School. I will offer a way forward for the leadership team at Clare, which will strengthen the leadership structure through service to others. The paper will conclude by offering school leaders and educators as servants to education, where individuals have the opportunity to contribute to the common good in ways that will enhance teaching and learning as well as school effectiveness. How, through openness and trust, leaders can offer a spiritual environment where mistakes often lead to the discovery of valuable new approaches; where through cooperation and empowerment, everyone can create a more efficient, meaningful, and spiritual learning environment.

Leadership Spirituality

Craig Selwood – November 2007


Inside of us, it would seem, something is at odds with the very rhythm of things and we are forever...
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