Leadership Skit

Topics: Motivation, Nonverbal communication, Nonviolent Communication Pages: 4 (847 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Leadership communication

Presentation – format

1. Skit 5- 8min
Leader: Saurab/ Voice: Celine/ Employees: Mustafa, Mohammed

2. Discussion 15 min: Communication and Motivation

3. Game: “Stand by your quotes” 5 min – Rui and Beryl

4. Discussion about the game – 10 min

Or 5 participants
Name on paper – showing to other one with body language, on words. 10min. Purpose: if communication is not public and there is segregation within the communication channels, the communication will not happen properly.

5. Empowerment – 1 or 2 slide discussion – Mohammed.

Body language.

(*) = A slide will be shown.

Description of the skit:

The skit will present issues of leadership between the leader and his team, mainly of motivation, empowerment and communication. (Chap 8 & 9)

The leader will then often step away from the issues arising, reflect upon the problems and the Voice Of Leadership helps him find the correct leadership path.

Several of us will play employees. One will be more . Another of us will play the Leader. Another one of us will play the Voice Of Leadership.

The audience, our class mates, will represent our company’s customers, which we may decide to engage at some point.

We need to ensure that everyone has a role in this.

The skit:

The first issue to arise will deal with leadership communication and the employee complaining about the lack of information they receive that leads them to not be able to perform appropriately.

The employee complains that the leader does not communicate well.

(* - effectively listening keys slide)

Employees are hard at work on their computers and in walk the leader with a stack of paperwork; he abruptly hands it off to one of the employees, telling them to get it done as quickly as possible. They all look at each other and one of them, infuriated, blows up and gets angry.

‘’ You often mistreat us. Communication...
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