Leadership Skills of Donald Trump

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Vickie Graham
Assignment 6

1) Which sources of power does Trump use?
Trump uses many different sources such as: transformational, brings about positive change to new organizations, charismatic leader whom uses visionary, masterful communication skills, ability to inspire trust, make members feel capable, energy & action orientation, ethical & moral, socially responsible, position power, personal power, prestige power, resource dependence perspective.

2) What steps can Donald Trump take to be preserved more positively by outsider’s observers, such as reporters and business professor’s? In my view Trump is perceived and judged on a level in which he desires and wants to be seen and rated. No matter what Trump or any other person does in a position of power or any other position reporters and or outsiders will continue to find fault and be judgmental. Basically they want what Trump has fame and fortune.

3) What is your evaluation of the ethics of the Trump casinos declaring bankruptcy when the Trump organization owns so much property and Donald Trump is so wealthy? Pretty smart if you ask me, Trump knows the government, the system and what it take’s to stay on top. By declaring bankruptcy it saves Trump billions of dollars and end result his casinos lose lots of interests leaving him to only pay the bottom dollar to gain more money for his pocket. The Ethic behind Trump’s gain is he knows it is morally wrong but is justifiable in his wealth and gain.

4) How would you describe Trump’s interpersonal skills? Trump is a very egger person whom has visionary, masterful communication skills and inspires. Trump is outgoing and is dramatic and unique. On every level Trump has his playing card and is very resourceful in meeting every challenge placed in front of him.
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