Leadership Self-Development Plan

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Leadership Self-Development Plan


Argosy University – Perspective in Change Leadership Doctor Richard Dool

In determining where I am as a manager now I was asked to take several assessments throughout this course that provided information to be about being a manager. I took the free Kolb Learning Style Inventory test online. (Advanogy.com) According to the test the area in which I scored the highest was solitary. I also had above average scores for verbal, logical, and social. (Advanogy.com) While at first I thought this was somewhat contradictory my two highest areas being social and solitary I can understand how that is. I do enjoy socializing and the company of other people, but I prefer to work on my own at least or with some space and distance with others. I also do agree that I am verbal and logical as I read a lot and enjoy having a large vocabulary even if I do not get to use it very much in either social or professional settings. I did always prefer the English and Social Science courses growing up in comparison with math and science classes. I also took the Leadership Trustworthiness quiz to see how trusted I am as a leader. (Matt M. Starcevich) It took the quiz answering the questions in response to how I would handle that situation in my workplace as a leader and manager. I received a 52 out of a possible 100 on the scale which put me at the low end of the: A rock, sometimes you skip along the surface, sometimes you sink. Your closest confidants can trust you, others are not sure, sometimes yes, sometimes no. The word is consistency. Seek out and change those actions that are sending mixed signals if you want higher levels of trust from others.” (Matt M. Starcevich) I agree with my individual results, the assessments did a good job of analyzing the type of person I am for the most part. The key then of course is what does this say in relation to what we learned in this course about what the ideal manager should be like.

My overall...
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