Leadership Research Paper

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  • Published : February 1, 2008
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Leadership Research Paper
As television networks struggle to stay relevant in the ecommerce society of the 21st century, Nancy Tellum president of CBS Paramount Network Television has offered a bold approach to the challenge. Tellum is heading up the company's new approach into expanding it's content into emerging platforms. Tellum is overseeing new development and production of original content for CBS.com. She is also moving CBS into the wireless arena demonstrating relationship building and influence with key partners by securing agreements with Amp'd mobile and Verizon wireless V-Cast as well as developing the company's broadband channel innertube as demonstrated in the XtendSport simulation (CBS, 2006). Other networks are following suit along similar lines. CNN has created a subscription service called Pipeline bringing their cable TV products into the broadband and wireless arenas. This strategy has the added bonus of reaching new and younger demographics hopefully winning over a new generation of viewers (AP, 2006). According to Tellem this vision gives CBS the creativity to experiment with various business models and see which ones consumers gravitate towards (AP, 2006). The move to online video on demand websites is growing as traditional networks fight to remain relevant. The rise of websites such as iTunes may find themselves in fierce competition with websites offering free streaming like CBS's intertube. iTunes may become less attractive to online consumers who can get the same content elsewhere for free. It would seem the name of the game is market share the more hits to the websites the more beneficial to the parent company. Only time will tell which business model will resonate with the general public. CBS believes that the free streaming model is better than the pay download model. Although CBS is more that 60 years old and has been well established in the network television industry it must continue to evolve in order to remain relevant. CBS...
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