Leadership Recommendation

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Individual Leadership Recommendation


Individual Leadership Recommendation
Kudler Fine Foods is preparing to implement a new software system. The system will increase the efficiency of the organization as well as change the human resources procedures. This system will be a change for the employees of Kudler Fine Foods and it is important to have a smooth transition from the current HRIS system to the new software system. The employees of Kudler Fine Foods will be expected to learn this system so that the employees are able to update personal time requests such as vacation and sick time. The Human Resources employees will be expected to learn the new system because this will be the new system for maintaining personnel files such as performance evaluations, any disciplinary actions taken with an employee and payroll processing. It is imperative that all employees understand the reason for the change in the program and policies that will come with the change as it is directly related to every aspect of the personal employee information. Importance of Leadership

For this to be a successful change process it is highly important that leadership is effective within this initiative. It is typical for employees to have a negative reaction to change within a corporation. This is because the individuals experiencing the change have reactions that are dependent on a multitude of characteristics. Most of these characteristics are uncontrollable. The characteristic that is controllable is the quality of communication and the support received from leadership. This will have a large impact on how employees perceive and react to the changes within the organization (Wanberg & Banas, 2000). Recommended Leadership Styles

Four leadership styles are recommended to implement the change within Kudler Fine Foods. The suggested leadership styles for this change are: * Transformational Leadership
Transformational leadership involves helping the...
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