Leadership Qualities, Skills, Theories, and Principles

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General Purpose : Leadership

Specific Purpose : Leadership qualities, skills, theories and principles.


The real leader has no need to lead - he is content to point the way. - Henry Miller

Leadership is the way by which an individual can convince another to make his vision a reality and runs an organisation with confidence and conviction. This is done by having belief in ones self, possesing the right values and ethics pertaining to an honourable character which others can look upto. Optimism is the core of any leader as pessimists rarely become leaders. Their abilities and qualities builds a charisma that attracts the others which they can then use to power their self confidence inorder to motivate the followers. This confidence along with persistance makes them reach their goals and vision with the help of others. Leadership is all about power and our capabilities of guiding others. You need to work on becoming a good leader as the qualities are not inborn. Self analysis, knowledge, experience, and formal education are some of the basics of a good leader. In order to maintain your leadership status you need to keep stressing on your best qualities, work on your attributes and not get stagnated in the comfort of your position. There is a difference in being a boss and a leader. As a boss you exercise your authority and power whereas as a leader you can make people to do their best without having to push them around. There are three theories to the making of a good leader :

Trait Theory – Some people naturally posses the leadership qualities which invariably makes them standout and have others looking up to them for guidance. Great Events Theory – Sometimes circumstances or an event in life could provide the background where your leadership qualities are showcased which makes you standout in the crowd. Transformational Leadership Theory – This is the most common of the three as this states that leadreship is an...
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