Leadership Qualities and Cultural Diversity

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  • Published : August 19, 2012
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The GLOBE research study described by House et al (2004) described one of the first steps in the research study as gauging leader effectiveness across cultures. GLOBE established nine cultural dimensions that made it possible to describe the similarities and/or differences in norms, values, beliefs –and practices—among societies (House et al, 2004). House et al described the twenty-one leadership scales and they were reduced to six scales, resulting in six leader styles that are described as follows: 1.The charismatic/value-based style stresses high standards, decisiveness, and innovation; seeks to inspire people around a vision; creates a passion among them to perform; and does so by firmly holding on to core values. 2.The team-oriented style instills pride, loyalty, and collaboration among organizational members; and highly values team cohesiveness and a common purpose or goals. 3.The participative style encourages input from others in decision-making and implementation; and emphasizes delegation and equality. 4.The humane style stresses compassion and generosity; and it is patient, supportive, and concerned with the well-being of others. 5.The autonomous style is characterized by an independent, individualistic, and self-centric approach to leadership. 6.The self-protective style is characterized by procedural, status-conscious, and 'face-saving' behaviors; and focuses on the safety and security of the individual and the group. Justesen (2007) described the importance of diversity and inclusive leadership as “a natural playground for challenging each other” (p. 56). Furthermore, Justesen described the importance of diversity as to ensuring conflicts, discussion, and difficulty decision making with provides a platform and foundation for innovating the future rather than reproducing the past. Utilizing the research findings from GLOBE, an organization can recruit culturally diverse people to improve the organizations’ ability to be innovative and...
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