Leadership Qualities

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The analogy of the head feet and the heart makes sense when Jack Welch's definition or assessment of a leader comes to mind. The most striking link between these two ideologies has to do with the other criteria this great thinker has outlined aside the four E's. Taking the trait -passion for an instance, it is realized that this characteristic has a sharp connection with the heart. This is due to the fact that passion is a heartfelt feeling. This shows signifies the attitude a leader will exhibit towards his work. The other standard that can be closely related to the analogy of the heart is the integrity that Jack Welch discusses. The third issue to be discussed is intelligence that can obviously be related to the head. Somehow, it is quite clear that there is a close link between Jack Welch's ideas and the analogy of head, the heart and the feet.

The second observation that is made is the fact that he prioritizes these bases such that one is seen as more important than the other. This is seen from the way and manner in which he ranked the traits. I could not agree with Jack more with his line of thinking.

Sometimes in life, you just admire certain people, not because of who they are but what they do. Gennifer Assamoah Aboagiwaah, the senior school prefect and president of the debaters club within the academic years of 2010 -2011 in St. Louis Senior High School is one that satisfies this criteria. She inspired me so much at the time and even more now as a result of my assessing her with the four E's of Jack Welch. To summarize, she first of all had positive energy. She never got fed up of telling us to do the right thing at the right time at right places. She also had the ability to energize others. I would use myself for an example. Her persistence on always doing what is right energized me to act right. On another hand, she had the edge. She never went...
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