Leadership Pov

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Leadership POV
February 27, 2013

Leadership Point of View
My Background
I grew up in a small town in a home where I was raised by my grandmother, while my mother worked a full-time job one hour away from home. I am the only girl, and middle child, one older brother, and one younger brother. Being raised in that type of environment, I was taught to do everything on my own. From my grandmother I learned how to be independent, I learned family values, and I learned how to be spiritual. From my mother I learned how to be consistent, persistent, and if I have to walk alone, then start walking. Through both, I have learned how to have control over my destiny because I and I alone have the power to change things. There are many factors in my life, which served as an influence. One particular thing that stood out the most was the fact that nothing about my life was what the world considers the norm. I had structure in my life, but not the typical structure. There was no man in my household. There were many things that I had to figure out on my own, and that played a vital part in the influences on my characteristics. Either I followed by example, or I created my own definition of how I wanted my life to be. My Purpose and Values

When I was in school I took a test, which gave me suggestions on what I should do in life as an adult. I believe that the test that I took influenced my personality, and the type of attitude that I had in time of conflict, and situations. Each suggestion that I was given would have me to be a leader. I believe that in order to lead, a leader must have walked were other are trying to go. Leaders have the challenge of serving those employees, or students who they lead. My goal as a leader is to encourage people to better his or herself by making, wise and structured decisions in life. Decisions that we make today affect the paths of our future. Every person has the power to identify his or her strengths and...
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