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Leadership Paper

By | Jan. 2012
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Leadership Self-Assessment
Marcy Krome, RN, LHRM
Kaplan University

Leadership Self-Assessment
Leadership self-assessment, can be one of the hardest tasks to complete while being totally honest with oneself. Leaders should periodically complete a self-assessment tool; this will allow them to stay on target with their goals. This process is designed to make one look at and assess their strengths and weaknesses, after the self-assessment is complete and has been analyzed information can be used to improve or maintain skills. Characteristics

As a leader it is important to allow subordinates to see and understand what you believe in. Authentic leadership is the category that best fits and describes the writer. Characteristics and strengths one needs to be a good leader are; integrity, honesty, diligence, diplomacy, communicator, advocate, pleasantness, energy, enthusiasm, clear vision, critical thinker, direction and goals. “In authentic leadership, it is the leaders’ principles and their conviction to act accordingly that inspire followers. Thus, authentic followers realize their own true nature” (Marquis, Huston, 2012, p. 57). Personal Development

Leadership responsibilities are continually evolving. New responsibilities are on the horizon of leaders and managers in the health care field. Expanding the leaders role has encompassed: financial, marketing, team building, and one must be a visionary and at the same time be proactive. We face new challenges such as being aware of and ready to respond to threats such as terrorism, biological warfare, and global pandemics. These issues are not faced on a daily bases and most people have never had to deal with a real threat; keeping up with training is a challenge on the budget and the schedule. We must make this training a priority: training is mandated by regulatory agencies to be done annually. The challenge is employees don’t always take this training seriously. How does one emphasize the...

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