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Personal Leadership Style

Personal Leadership Style

Leadership style is not specific, different situation requires a different style. Every individual has their approach to lead others in particular ways, and they learn new ways from different experiences and with people. A good leader learns to use feature effectively in a particular situation and try to avoid the same issue in the future. Democratic leadership style helped to resolve the issue which was not clear and required participation from subordinates. This paper revolves around a case study which identifies the significance of personal leadership style and how the applied strategy was helpful to the organization and personal development.

Background of Day Care Center
Day Care Center is a progressive and dynamic institution. It was started in 2006 with the idea that education is more important than good grades and we want to provide happy learning experience for children irrespective of differences in intellect or ability. We provide meals and nutrition and play areas for children. Play area is as important for children as education for their development in every aspect of life. Day Care Center is run under the management of single leadership and beneath him works three employees. All employees are well trained and professional in their skills. They are innovative and progressive in their approach for the development of children as well as Day Care Center... Leadership Styles

Leadership style is the approach to implementing plans, providing direction and motivating people (Lewin, 1939). Leader’s primary job is to get best result. Leadership concerns more about the need of organization and results rather than his own need (Murray, 2012). Psychologist Kurt Lewin identified three basic leadership styles, includes authoritarian leadership, participative leadership and democratic leadership. While further research found that there are many other leadership styles. Goleman et al. in his book “Primal Leadership” defined six different leadership styles. 1. Visionary: Leader gives new direction to organization whenever needed. The goal is to drive people towards a new set of shared goals. 2. Coaching: Leader guides their employees to improve their performance and connects their goals with the goal of the organization. Leader keeps his helping hand on employee and often gives his advice whenever needed. It helps to develop individuals. 3. Democratic: In democratic leadership style, leader look for guidance from subordinate when something is not clear. It asks for collective wisdom from the group. But, it can be ineffective in such situations where quick decision is required 4. Affiliative: This style creates harmony within a group by connecting them together and emphasize on team work. It is helpful in repairing broken trust between superior and subordinates. But, it can allow poor performance as an employee may perceive that mediocrity is tolerated. 5. Coercive: This is a demanding leadership style and probably the most used leadership style. It mostly involves criticism. It is helpful in a crisis situation or when immediate turnaround is required. 6. Pacesetting: Leader sets high standards and asks for quick results. It works best on skilled and highly motivated employees and when the leader needs fast results.

Personal Leadership Style
My personal leadership style is adaptive to particular demands and situations. Leader influences employee towards goals, how it is done, what are the involved process, what is the goal to achieve, and who will be responsible to achieve the goal (Kirk, et al. 2008). I believe that a leader has to adapt every leadership style according to the situation for long-term success. I use all of them according to the demand and situation, but my leadership style usually dominates with democratic style. Democratic leadership style allows you to gather people to...
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