Leadership – Metamorphose , 21st Century Leader’s Changing Influence Tactic

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Leadership – Metamorphose
21st century leader’s Changing influence tactic

Ms. Dipti Purohit
Faculty HR
International School of Business and Research, E-City Bangalore E-mail Id: diptibohra@gmail.com

Key Words:
LeadershipThe New MillenniumFuture Trends
Influencing TacticsLeadership Competencies

Life is full of leadership opportunities. Every time a person reaches a plateau, wanting to progress beyond the plateau, to improve, produce more significant results, there is a leadership opportunity. Progress comes only through change – through thinking, feeling and performing in a new way. Leaders create change and with a Twenty First Century Leadership mindset individuals create significant change Conventional leaders and leadership of the past are insufficient to meet the demands of the 21st Century. As we enter the new millennium, our world is characterised by unprecedented complexity, paradox, and unpredictability. Change is rapid and relentless. Today’s leaders face demands unlike any ever before faced. Standard leadership approaches that have served us well throughout much of history are quickly becoming liabilities. Conventional wisdom regarding leadership and many of its habits must be unlearned. The strong, decisive, charismatic, and independent leader and leadership we have idealised, strived to be, depended upon, and longed for may prove counter-productive in the new millennium and undermine a sustainable future. The challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century call for a new type of leader and leadership, indeed an entirely new and different way of thinking about leadership and of developing future leaders. This paper explores the nature of the nascent millennium and the leader and leadership influencing tactics, qualities and capabilities expected to be crucial in the uncertain decades ahead. Twenty general influencing tactics use for transforming leadership have been identified as new devices for the...
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