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Topics: Big Five personality traits, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Openness to experience Pages: 3 (986 words) Published: June 6, 2011
Spartacus Project Memo
Subject: SPARTACUS Project

Please be advised that you have been selected to join the SPARTACUS Project beginning June 1, 2011. This project requires complete confidentiality due to the sensitivity of its workers. The current company has selected to outsource our company to manage their labor functions. There are 300 skilled labor workers currently employed. We would like to keep all 300 on board, have them join our company, and continue doing their current job roles. Our team will be evaluating the current process and work instructions on the floor to understand the job functions, to ensure the LEAN process and identify any opportunities for improvement. During this evaluation we will be communicating with the workers. Since they are not aware of the change in management, it is our goal to make them feel at ease with our presence, answer any questions as honestly as possible, try to eliminate any uncertainty that they may have, and establish somewhat of a relationship with them. We will have 30 days of evaluation prior to taking over the complete process. On the 25th day the company will announce the outsourcing of management of their labor and advise the workers the option to join our company with the same pay, benefits and seniority. If they do not choose to remain they will be offered a severance package based on the length of time with the company. Again our goal is to retain as many of the skilled workers as possible. This company has a very low attrition rate and workers are loyal with 5, 10, and 15 years of service.

On this project you will experience different attitudes, emotions, and personalities, you are to establish a relationship with the worker and motivate them not only to stay on board but to energize them with change. This is a difficult task; however keep in mind our reading in Chapter 6 of the Organizational Behavior textbook regarding Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. These needs are: 1....
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