Leadership in the Public Policy Making Process

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  • Published : April 2, 2012
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Leadership in the Public Policy Making Process

Patty Saltkill

PPA 601: Foundations in Public Administration

February 23, 2012

R.D. Robertson

Ashford University

Leadership is a momentous role to have when it comes to how an agency handles actions and policies. Effective leaders can increase organizational efficiency, provide greater direction for employees, help members of an organization realize their potential, and improve organizational culture (Cropf, 2008, p233). It is possible for a leader to be low down in the organizational framework as well as at the top. An organization must determine what is needed for its leaders to be effective and what requirements will address those needs. .

Leadership is needed in a number of areas in public service: (1) developing a clear vision for the organization, (2) working across multiple constituencies, (3) recognizing social and ethical values, (4) creating vibrant organizational networks, (5) enhancing organizational performance, and (6) maintaining democratic values (Cropf, 2008, p 234). Leaders is recognized a need to have certain values, encourages and help build an environment where teamwork is normal, motivates and inspires others, has a vision, helps to motivate to work toward the vision, and has a lasting change. Executives who exhibit leadership qualities beyond their assigned status exercise influence through both positional authority and personal authority (Cropf, 2008, p237). Leaders have the qualities that it takes to build the correct team. A leader may not have all the needed skills to accomplish a task but by building relationships, the right person would be motivated to assist with the completion of the vision. Public Policy and Leadership

Public policy transformational leaders who exhibit charisma would be a great talent. These leaders help to motivate others to their way of thinking. They can have a vision but through...
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