Leadership in the New Millenium

Topics: Leadership, Ethics, Management Pages: 10 (3718 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Chapter 1: Moral Leadership in America
This Chapter talks about the absolute need for moral leadership in America. We live in a very unstable time. Our society is very fragile. Perhaps no other time in our history is there a great need for great leadership, not just based on their ability but their moral compass. They have to lead with creditability and they have to be visionaries that can lead people into the right path to better their conditions. Without the right morality they won’t be able to get people to work together.

Chapter 2: The loss of Character
This chapter talks about leadership in relationship o having character or not having character. Be we just a plain individual, leader in our society or a part there of. We have to carry ourselves in an exemplary manner because people are always watching us, whether we realize it or not. The higher position you are in authority or stature the more scrutiny you are under. With technology and electronic media being so easily accessible it often times leads to people being looked at poorly for one reason or another. A lot of times it is done purposefully by the media for the sake of making money. The author makes a special point to note that this loss of character is prevalent in all walks of society such as religion, politics, and business being the most prominent of these. Chapter 3: A life of Morality

This chapter speaks about leadership and morality and how as a people of society and the society at large all have the capability of being moral or immoral regardless of their status in life, their wealth, power, position, or education. In many cases, the chapter concludes, that often times the moral fabric of any group be it government or business often times reflects the morality or immorality of its leaders. Classic point that was given was the melt down of our financial system here in the United States. This was considered due in large part to the moral absence in the corporate banking system leadership. Much of this premise is to be considered in selecting team members and having people with common ideology when it comes to team work. Chapter 4: Yielding to Temptation

This chapter talks about yielding from temptation. It talks about not so much the thought but acting upon temptations. When one yields to temptations they can fall so far from grace that it almost makes life unbearable. Temptation crosses all sectors of society; money, power, sex. Its interesting because the writer makes a point that its almost mans nature to want to control things, in his/her job, husband over wife or vice versa etc. man even tries to control nature in the universe at times. He goes on to point out that the hardest thing in nature for man to control seems to be he him self. Often times power such as in government or big business makes people feel almost invincible and unaccountable for their actions. But history has proven time and time again that not to be the case because often time they lose more that position but stature and reputation.

Chapter 5: The Duty of Responsibility
This chapter talks about moral responsibility. How it is virtually impossible to separate morality from responsibility because one is so closely related to the other. He suggests that the negative political and financial state our country is in today is due a lot to the fact that out leaders have ignored this very important point, were too naïve or just plain arrogant. He says “The bedrock of moral responsibility is an ethical behavior of the leader and his or her adherence to the standards of right conduct.” He speaks of businesses at large lacking moral responsibility and caring more about the bottom line instead of what is termed “the triple bottom line,” which entails the good of all including share holders, employees, customers, suppliers, the community, the environment and the owners of the company themselves. By taking into moral account and responsibility all of these factors will tend to...
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